Why I Have Been MIA Online

Welcome to Em Hewitt.

After years of on and off blogging and taking a really really long break the past year and a bit, I am back and ready to freaking own my blog.

I quite honestly lost myself for a bit there. Things I once loved doing (like blogging and creating content) became forced and I had no inspiration or drive to do them anymore. I also found myself stuck in a web of fear and a massive fear of judgement. Why??? Why did I waste so much time worrying about what other people may think of me? Crazy, because I let that get in the way of being myself. Unintentionally I neglected a blog I had only just created and stopped posting regularly on Instagram (I used to post once a day! How did my past self manage to have so much content on hand all of the time).

I have landed here on Em Hewitt, a name so simple but it feels like me (duh) and makes me confident to post on. I have brought over a lot of my old content and I am ready to start creating new content.

I have always been so afraid of sharing my blog with people I know in real life. That is one fear that I will try and face, so prepare to see me shamelessly plugging this thing all over my Instagram.

Join me on my journey of finding self love, confidence and overall (more) happiness! I’m excited for a new era of my blog and I hope you enjoy it too.

Em xx

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