Weekend Purchases

A couple of weekends ago I went shopping and picked up a few things!
Bras N Things Playboy Bra & bottoms (can’t find on website)
I’d had my eye on this bra for SO LONG because just look at how cute it is?! I couldn’t ever find it in my size but I decided to try this one and it fit amazing so I thought why not since I’ve wanted it for a while so badly! I also clearly had to get the matching bottoms! I am a poor excuse for a girl and don’t have many matching sets of underwear but I want more!! (and actually bought two more today, the day I’m posting this, hehe oops) I’ve suddenly become very obsessed (well with lingerie in general but also) with caged bras, like that little bit coming off the top? You get what I mean. Maaaay have bought this one today haha. Might feature that and the other set I got in another post??
I’ve heard good things about this so wanted to try it! I decided to bite the bullet and buy the large bottle as there was only a $10 difference. It may have possibly started to break me out though after about two days.. I’m unsure whether it was the toner or my period that was the cause. I got scared and stopped using it so I need to be brave and try again to see if it was actually this or not! Has anyone tried it or had problems with it?
My friend said she loves this so I decided to pick it up and try. I have a lipstick thing from Avon that’s kinda old now that’s supposed to plump your lips and I don’t think it really does so wanted to see if this was any good. I’ve put it on once and my lips felt SO. WEIRD. I know plumping products are supposed to make your lips all tingly but this was crazy haha. Didn’t leave it on long enough to see a difference in my lips. I need to try it again.
This product is raved about in the blogging world so I’ve been keen to give it a go. The 30ml is a whopping $75 and I wasn’t quite ready to part with that much cash on something I’m unsure of so I went for the travel size which is only $26! I only tested a little bit on the back of my hand in store at Mecca Maxima and it felt AMAZING which is why I decided to actually purchase it. Going to road-test it this Saturday night so will keep you posted!
Have you tried any of these things? What do you think?


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