Twenty Two

We’re happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time
It’s miserable and magical, oh yeahhhh
I never thought this song would be SO spot on at this age haha. Swifty knows what she’s singing about 😉
So it’s currently three days after my birthday and I’m finally finding the time to write a post!
Birthdays are weird as you get older. It kinda doesn’t even feel like your birthday.
The week leading up to my birthday was a constant rollercoaster of being excited for my birthday then the next day dreading it and not wanting to acknowledge it. I didn’t want to make a big deal this year. I didn’t want to create this expectation for myself that I would need to have an AMAZING day but only end up disappointed. I kept Friday night lowkey at my local pub because it was short notice and I had a fun drunk time haha. I also had a classic drunk lonely cry but then I got my period the next day (yeah Happy fucking Birthday to me) and it all made sense (well I know that wasn’t 100% the cause but we’ll go with it haha). Saturday night was really fun though because I got to go into the city my favourite boys and bar hop and it was just so. chill. It was a joint celebration for my friend’s 21st too. It was honestly the best. I especially loved driving along with the windows down singing along to the Spice Girls and Taylor Swift hahaha! (cos I’m feelin’ twenty twooooo) Then I had a lil sleep and spent the day lazing around with them while they worked on cars and all that fun stuff. The sun was out and it was AMAZING weather! Lucky me hehe. Then I went home and had a yummy baked dinner with my family.
I’ve been in a bit of a rough patch lately but this week has actually been AMAZING for the most part when I really think about it. I started off with my birthday, then I GRADUATED UNIVERSITY (!!!) (I’m so proud of myself okay, wait for a post on that) and I have taken up a really fun opportunity that I am SO excited to pursue. There’s still some battles in my brain but I’ll work through them.
We are also nearing the end of State of Serendipity. Sad I know but the name just isn’t motivating me anymore, well it hasn’t for a while. I’m actually going back to an old name but this time I’ve purchased a domain and the blog will be BIGGER & BETTER! So watch this space! I finally made a Facebook page and I would LOVE if you could go and give it a like for me. Then you’ll definitely know where to find the blog when it goes live!

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