My Top 5 Podcasts

If you follow me on Instagram you may have picked up that I like podcasts. If you did, you would be correct because I love podcasts. They make me feel more productive on my commute to and from work as I’m not mindlessly listening to music for 45 minutes straight (but don’t get me wrong, I do love a good music sesh especially when I’m super tired and don’t feel like concentrating). Here are my top 5 fave podcasts in case you were wondering (but you probably weren’t).

1. The Thinkergirls
I first discovered these gals back in 2015 when they had Karissa Pukas on their show. They’ve been podcasting for 7 or more years! They currently release 4-5 episodes a week which is EPIC for my 45+ minute train commute to work. They are just two mates having awesome chats about anything and everything. They also interview people weekly who join in on the fab conversation. I really love this one, very easy and chill to listen along to.

2. Shameless
Their tagline “An Aussie pop culture podcast for smart women who love dumb stuff” could not be more perfect. I’m not that into celebrity gossip or anything but I’m loving this show sick. Hosts Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald are journos so the conversation is always intelligent and is usually supported with facts. I studied journalism and always wanted to write for a mag (spoiler alert – didn’t happen) so the journo part of my heart loves this show. They make Mondays great!

3. The Teacher’s Pet
I love a good crime documentary and I easily get hooked on episodes of crime TV series that I’m not attached to. Despite loving podcasts, I hadn’t dipped my toe into the world of crime shows. This podcast was mentioned in an episode of The Thinkergirls and I quickly realised it was HUGE. It’s hosted by Hedley Thomas of The Australian and is focused on the story of a Sydney Northern Beaches mother who suddenly disappeared in 1982, her husband was and still is the main suspect because he (who was a teacher) was sleeping with one of his 16 year old students and moved her to the family home TWO DAYS after she went missing. I was HOOKED. Past tense because it’s currently on break while further investigations are being made IRL. I binge-listened in less than two weeks but be warned that it takes quite a bit of concentration to listen to.

4. Your Creative Start
This podcast is hosted by Jaharn Giles and each episode she interviews a different creative person and it’s always so inspiring. I like to think of myself as a creative person and I want to one day work for myself in something creative so hearing different stories is SO good and inspiring.

5. Low Tox Life
This one is fairly new on my radar. It’s hosted by Alexx Stuart and is an extension of her website & book all about health and sustainability. Recently I’ve become more aware of waste and sustainability (thanks to Instagram and ABC’s War On Waste) so I’ve loved listening to the different conversations on this show. I like that it isn’t forceful and looks at ‘low tox’ rather than ‘no tox’, it’s quite relaxing to listen to. I recently purchased the book Low Tox Life and I’m excited to get into that as well.

If you have any good podcast suggestions, please send them my way! My subscription list is forever growing.

Em xx

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