My Easy Eyebrow Fix

This is the next best thing when you can’t get to the salon on a regular basis.

I have bushy eyebrows – always have, always will. Since I was about 14 years old I have been going to a local salon to get my eyebrows waxed. I used to go every two weeks, that’s how fast my eyebrows grow! Fast forward to just over a year ago, my 22 year old self started working full time and did not have the time to pop down to the salon.

On a trip to Priceline I came across the Nad’s Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper* and decided to give it a go as I wanted to freshen up my brows for the weekend ahead. The wand is super easy to use, plus the wax isn’t hot and you can wipe it away with water if you apply somewhere you didn’t mean to.

Using this wax followed by some tweezing for final touch ups means I have fab brows in a short amount of time, plus it’s easy on my bank account too.

Love, Em xx

*Disclaimer: This product was gifted but all opinions are my own. I had used this product before I was asked to collaborate with them so was a perfect fit.

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