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While I was on holiday in Hawaii I of course made a trip to the MAC store in the Ala Moana Shopping Center!
I started off with the 15 Eyeshadow Pro Palette along with the inserts and four shades. These are my first MAC eyeshadows. I didn’t go in intending to get colours in the red/burgundy family but these things just happen. I also don’t own any other eyeshadows like them so I thought I’d venture out from my usual neutral tones.
Retail assistants have their ways of pulling you towards products. Getting a paint pot hadn’t crossed my mind at the time and I was a bit skeptical but now I am glad I bought it. I didn’t have a nice matte base before this.
Lastly, I had to pick up some lipsticks. I went for Angel – a cult favourite – and I am now obsessed with it. I’ve been wearing it most days since I got it, perfect neutral pink for every day wear. I also picked upΒ Milan Mode. I’ve never really heard much about this one and it has some glitter which I usually steer clear of but it looked nice on in the store and I sort of had a “#yolo moment” haha. So here we are.
What are some of your favourite MAC products? There are SO many more lipsticks I want to get – I’m just getting started. I’d love some recommendations!


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