Happy Place






Let me introduce you to Silver Beach in Kurnell.
This is hands down one of my favourite places. Isn’t it just stunning?!  This is where I like to come when I’m feeling sad, anxious or stressed – or all three at once.  It’s about a half an hour drive for me but it’s always worth it.
It’s never too crowded (even on a Sunday afternoon) and it’s just really relaxing for me. My favourite part is that you can see the city which is one of my favourite views ever, I never get sick of it. You can see Sydney Airport too and I find something really comforting in watching planes fly in and out of there. Planes and going on adventures is exciting! I just like sitting on the beach for a few hours with a magazine or without but always listening to music. The beach allows dogs so there’s always cute puppies running around who come and say hello too.
Where do you go when you’re feeling down?


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