Goals For 2017

I hate resolutions and never complete them, but I have a few simple goals for 2017.


Go to the gym. I pay for a gym membership but I haven’t been in months. I blamed it on being busy but my workload has significantly shrunk so I can’t use that anymore. I need to face my fear of going alone and just do it. I’ve got myself a gym bag now to leave in the car so I can go to the gym straight from the train station after work, with no distractions by going home first.
Keep my room tidy. I have a habit of leaving clothes on the floor and letting it pile up. My room is quite small so there’s not much floor space as it is, let alone when it’s covered with clothes. I tend to let the clutter build up until I can’t stand it anymore and then I end up doing a massive clean out, including going through all clothes in my wardrobe and getting rid of a lot (as I did yet again yesterday). In 2017 I want to cut this habit and keep it tidy regularly, not just at random times when it gets too much.
Clean my makeup brushes regularly. I must admit that I’m so lazy when it comes to cleaning my makeup brushes. A makeup sin. I scarred myself for life because I cleaned them once and it took forever (or what felt like it) to dry, and not in time for the next time I needed to use them. I have some new brushes and using them is so much nicer than my usual dirty ones so I need to get on that ASAP. I also have some backup brushes now so I won’t be left with nothing this time.

Read more. These days I spend an hour on the train to work and an hour home again so I should use that time to sit back, relax and read the books that fill my bookcases. This feels much more productive rather than sitting there scrolling through my phone like I do at other times of the day.

Document memories. I feel like I didn’t take as many photos as I did in 2016 compared to what I used to. In 2017 I want to take more photos and even videos, just for memory sake. I might even purchase a smaller camera soon, we’ll see. I love my DSLR but it can be a bit much to carry around sometimes. I also want to take more snaps on my Polaroid and put them up all around my bedroom.

Stay happy. Take time and do things for myself that make me happy. Make sure I’m not always go-go-go and take time to sit back and relax. Self care is #1 priority.

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