Wearing: Cotton On tee, Lily Loves by Target skirt, Betts boots, Rubi sunglasses, Colette by Collete Hayman bag, The Horse watch
On Friday afternoon after I finished work Jordyn and I made our way to Bondi Beach. We originally planned to take photos for both of our blogs but there had been a massive storm so we decided to not bring our big DSLRs and instead just still hang out and do something. We ended up in Bondi as planned anyway and by then the sun was out (trust!). We both share a love for acai bowls so she took me to Bondi Wholefoods which I have wanted to visit for a while now. It was soooo yummy, we definitely left more than satisfied.
Even though I’ve lived in Sydney my whole life, this was only my second time going to Bondi Beach – crazy right?! Since the sun was out I wanted to wander down around the beach and see the cool graffiti that’s displayed along the beach. Luckily the hug dark clouds heading back towards us held off well until after we had left. So of course we had to take photos of each other in front of some graffiti! We found this wall by @awolcreations and decided it was our favourite!
Have you ever been to Bondi? What’s some places you recommend there?
Outfit photos by Jordyn Maree


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