If you follow me on Instagram you would’ve seen that I (finally) got my hair done the other week. My friend is co-manager at Franck Provost in Breakfast Point so I ventured out there to give my hair some well overdue TLC – it had been 11 months since I’d had my colour done (I know, don’t kill me! But look at that gross before & after haha)
I got half a head of foils like I usually do, except this time I got the blonde a bit more on the ashier side and I love it! I was sick of the underneath being so dark and there wasn’t enough time for a full head of foils so the girls decided on just doing a bit of belyage underneath. It looks just as good and honestly will be easier for me to maintain in the future (bc your girl can’t afford to spend hundreds on her hair)
It feels SOOOOO good to fully blonde again!!!


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