Welcome to my lil online space!

I’m Em and I’m a twenty-something living in the Sutherland Shire in Sydney. I’ve lived here my whole life but my dream is to live by the beach. I am also studying graphic design online, it’s at my own pace which is proving to be a blessing as well as a curse (I hate assignment deadlines but I’m falling behind oops).

I love going to the beach, taking photos, going on long drives, listening to podcasts and acai bowls.

I have been blogging on-and-off since 2012 and after multiple rebrands and redesigns I have finally landed here on Em Hewitt and I have brought all of my old content with me.

My blog is a place for me to share everything that I’m loving and feeling across fashion, life, wellbeing and so much more. I want this to be a place where gals like me can come for some inspiration, happiness and of course fun. #yeahthegirls

I love writing and being creative. Blogs and Instagram are my favourite creative outlets. When I started working full time work I really lost my creative spark and unintentionally stopped being as active online. In 2018 I realised that I no longer enjoyed things that I once loved so bloody much. That changes now.

I am currently on a journey of self love, consciously doing more for myself and making sure that I am nurturing my creative soul. I want to get back to my roots of writing just for the sake of it, without trying to achieve perfection – and I will be documenting all of it here.

I love connecting with new people and would love to build a strong community here so don’t be shy, let’s talk girl! (If you’re in Sydney, let’s get brunch!) DM me on Instagram or send me an email at hello@emhewitt.com